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Positions your animal (Deer, Hog, Etc.) perfectly for faster, safer cleaning. Makes field dressing a convenient one-person job. Field dress your animal by yourself in just minutes! "It's like having 3 extra arms!"

100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Use it on your upcoming hunt and if it doesn't absouletely change the way you gut your animal, send it back!

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“It’s so simple I wish I had invented it... I keep one in my truck and my deer blind!”
Stated ESPN’s Larry Rea of Outdoors with Larry Rea.
Use it once and you’ll never want to go back to the old way of gutting your game again. GutDaddy makes field dressing easy, safe and fast even when field dressing alone.

The portable, folding, all in one case converts into the perfect gutting surface, includes two upright posts that secure the animal in the ideal position, along with two useful rib spreading hooks for easy cavity access and a set of deluxe knives including (one gutting knife, once skinning knife and a folding bone saw) - Optional

GUTDADDY was introduced in September of 2018 and already it has garnered the attention of ESPN, RealTree, AmmoLand and more and we were very excited to be voted Best New Gear at the 2019 Shot Show by Outdoor Life. Proud Sponsors of the NRA’s Youth Hunters Education Challenge (YHEC) GUTDADDY is A must have for all hunters.

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