The GUTDADDY Field Dress Kit

Coming Soon to a Field Near You.

I've tried every method...

"The GUTDADDY is simply the easiest, fastest and cleanest way for you and your deer to be field dressed. Now my 11 year old does most of the field dressing!! In one word.... it's GENIUS." 

TX Guide and Outfitter

A must have for any hunter

This product is truly amazing and a must have for any hunter.  With the GUTDADDY I can gut a deer by myself, safely, and efficiently and not get any blood on me except for my surgical gloves.  Once I became proficient in the set-up and use of this process I could gut a deer in roughly three minutes. 

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Never Wrestle with Your Deer Again

The GUTDADDY Secures Your Animal in the Perfect Position for Optimal Field Dressing.

Hunting Alone?

Gutting Your Deer Just Got Easier.

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Safer, Faster & Cleaner

Gutting Your Deer Just Got Easier With the GUTDADDY

The GutDaddy

A One Person Gutting Device, Field Dressing Done Right.


We've gutted a few deer in our day and we invented the GUTDADDY to get it done right.

Field dressing done right


The GUTDADDY stabilizes and secures the deer in the optimal position, leaving you hands free to safely field dress your deer. Even when you have help, this is much safer and more efficient.


When your animal is properly secured in the GUTDADDY device, it becomes much easier to see the clean line and work the knife or saw with precision and greater speed.

Much Cleaner

The GUTDADDY allows for a very clean gutting experience. Avoid nicks & bad cuts with our patented process that opens the deer quickly & cleanly so that you can easily see what you're doing.