"Absolutely love my GUTDADDY; it worked like a charm this weekend, thanks so much! #gutdaddy"

— Rebecca WildHorse, Hunter

"The GUTDADDY is an awesome tool to have when field dressing a deer by yourself. No more fighting to keep your wild game on its back simply loop the chains around the legs and get to work."

— Jesse Sherman, Hunter

"A great invention. Makes gutting out a deer SO MUCH EASIER especially if you hunt alone. I have always had a problem with keeping deer on their back and front legs apart. This solved all of the problems!"

— Gerald Casperson, Menominee, MI

"Love our GUTDADDY! Helps make processing our game much easier and safer in the field."

— Christopher Blackburn (Metalneck Outdoors), Nauvoo, AL

"The GUTDADDY is awesome! I was a little skeptical until I used it for the first time. However, it made gutting the deer so easy! I was by myself and it was like having three people there helping me! I used to dread field dressing an animal but not anymore thanks to GUTDADDY!"

— Greg Robinson, Hunter

"This product is truly amazing and a must have for any hunter. With the GUTDADDY I can gut a deer by myself, safely, and efficiently and not get any blood on me except for my surgical gloves. Once I became proficient in the set-up and use of this process I could gut a deer in roughly three minutes."

— Casey Curnutt, Hunter

"GUTDADDY has made hunting such a better experience for me. I am a 50+ woman, new to hunting and I killed my first last year. I know without GUTDADDY, I wouldn't have been so comfortable handling the animal, and cleaning it in such an efficient way. I highly recommend GUTDADDY to anyone. It's so helpful, safe and effective!!!"

— Dana, Huntress

"The GUTDADDY is a great tool to have. Great for teaching the 1'st time or just when by yourself. Works great on hills. No more para-cord, tent stakes, or looking for logs to help hold my deer belly-up in a workable position."

— Anthony, Hunter