Our Story

Pat Palmer, inventor of the GUTDADDY, and CEO of Dark Moon Hunting, grew up in West Texas with a deep love and respect for nature and hunting that started at a very young age, thanks in great part to his father’s tutelage. As the years passed, his passion and reverence for nature and hunting has grown.

For the last 30 years Pat has lived in beautiful Durango, Colorado; Headquarters for Dark Moon Hunting and the GUTDADDY.

His inspiration for the GUTDADDY came from his desire to share this experience with more people, new hunters, seasoned hunters and those who enjoy hunting alone.

This apparatus makes the process of field dressing large game safer, easier and cleaner. He would love nothing more than for the GUTDADDY to revolutionize hunting and enhance the experience for generations to come. This patented product (GUTDADDY Patent No. 9,820,493) will change the way you feel about gutting your animal, while making it faster, cleaner, and safer.